Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I Wanna Talk About Me*

*Kudos to the people that get the song reference. :)

Erika, over at one of my favorite blogs Tummy Treasures, tagged me for a meme. And it's the best kind: the kind where I get to tell you a lot of little useless trivia about me. Since I have a tendency to change the rules at will, I'm going to make this all useless trivia about me and food. Well, it's useless unless you're The Professor and occassionally feed me. OR unless you're a stalker who's been waiting for a tell-all post on the in-depth details of my food likes and dislikes. But that's disturbing, so let's move on.

So, here goes: 7 Things About Me And Food

  1. I love peanuts. I hate peanut butter. I have often heard the argument that peanuts, unless swallowed whole, become peanut butter as you chew them. To these people I say "HA!" and "Oh no it doesn't!" The maturity level around here is soaring.
  2. The above makes me very sad, because I love chocolate and it immediately removes about 49% of the world's chocolate from the list of "Things I Will Put In My Mouth".
  3. I love fresh strawberries, but I hate any kind of strawberry syrup or strawberry-flavor-infused thing. Like the fake topping on frozen cheesecakes. It should be banned.
  4. The exception to this strawberry-flavor-ban are those little strawberry candies wrapped to look like strawberries that have soft centers. I love them so much that they almost need to have a restraining order against me. If fake-strawberry candy could do such a thing, that is.
  5. I love salads. I hate 99.9% of salad dressings, which means that the vast majority of the time I only use pepper to flavor my salads.
  6. I have spent all of my 30 years in the Deep South, but I cannot stand the most Southern of foods: BBQ sauce, cole slaw, potato salad, baked beans, iced tea!! If it weren't for the Southern accent I throw out occasionally, I'd get my Southern Citizenship revoked.
  7. I don't do any kind of bean - black, navy, lima, kidney, white, garbanzo...yuck, yuck and yuck. I do, however, love a pot of lentils. You can tell me all day long that they're all legumes, but I don't care. I'm ornery that way.
  8. Bonus: I love chili, but because of number 7, I only eat it beanless. The Professor tells me this is not chili. I tell him to be quiet.

So there you go. If you read this far, you must be related to me. Or have way too much time on your hands. But I have to tag a few people so this train doesn't stop with me. Here goes:

Go forth and meme!


Sara said...

My dad is the same with peanuts. Loves them, but won't eat anything with peanut butter. Although he will now eat satay sauce.
I will not eat lamb. Never have, never will. All because when I was a baby I had a stuffed animal lamb named Lambie (of course) and I thought that if I ate lamb, it might be someone in Lambies family.

kittie said...

The weirdest food thing I know about is my boyfriend - he loves ice-cream, but hates cream; likes smoked cheddar, but no other cheese; likes drinking milk, but can't stand it in coffee! And won't touch coconut milk... :-S

Thanks for the tag, have hopefully kept it moving!

Erika W. said...

Really? No beans?

And actually, there are plenty of places- Texas for one, where beans in chili are a crime, so you'd fit right in there.

I have a sister who hates salad dressing too. She uses a squeeze of lemon juice on her salads to dress them.

Mike said...

Uh, salad is just a salad dressing delivery vehicle! What do you mean no salad dressing? Oh, and the one thing I learned in my five years living in North Carolina is there are 5 food groups: Barbacue, red slaw, hush puppies, fried okra and sweet tea. Oh, and it's Lexington barabacue or we're gonna fight!

Mike said...

Barabacue! What the H-E-Double-Toothpicks is that?!? I even previewed it! I'm a dead man next time I show up in Winston-Salem. Deborah, at least you know my spelling hasn't gotten any better.