Saturday, October 20, 2007

Weekend Shopping

Last weekend, my aunt gave me a $25 gift certificate to Bed, Bath and Beyond. And of course, now that I get to go spend money there, I can't find any of those 20% off fliers they put in my mailbox three times a week. But I'm finally getting a new pepper mill! And a new shower curtain! And I think I'll have about $5 left after that, so I'll go see what kind of kitchen type gadgetry I can find to spend money on. I love shopping for my kitchen.

  • Being part of the Deep South, this was really interesting. Why is Moonshine Still Illegal? I'm all for being able to make my own liquor. Alabama has some crazy laws about this kind of thing, though.
  • Meathenge did brisket. The pictures make me want to kidnap him and force him to cook this three times a week. Because then I'd apparently get to eat all that meat. I'm not sure how The Professor would feel about that, though. I think I'll just have to lust after the Biggle Brisket from afar.
  • I'm declaring Pumpkin Bread Pudding the most perfect sounding bread pudding EVER. Even better than the eggnog bread pudding I fell in love with last year. I am officially in love with all things pumpkin.
  • Hunt the Recipe has convinced me that the time in my life has come when I must try parsnips. I've never eaten or cooked with them, but they're on my afternoon shopping list so I can make a Fall Vegetable Pasta Bake.


Parsnip said...

I'm with you on the pumpkin bread pudding - sounds so cozy and delicious! I'm looking forward to see your post on it. :)

Glad you're going to try parsnips! They are mighty tasty (and apparently inedible when raw. go figure)

Sophie said...

I'm with Parsnip on this - parsnips are great - you really must try them! The pasta bake sounds really good. They are also really nice sliced thinly and fried with garlic, rosemary and pancetta/bacon and then tossed with hot pasta and a little parmesan (I think that one is a Jamie Oliver recipe)

Deborah said...

Now I'm glad I bought enough parsnips for two recipes!