Thursday, October 4, 2007

So many recipes, so little time

There are sooo many good looking recipes out there. So many blogs that make the food look so good, I'm almost scared to post pictures of my stuff. But I figure if nothing else, my own food photography will keep me humble. So I go on. Purely for the sake of keeping my vanity in check, you understand.

And purely for the sake of keeping my waist line in check, here are some recipes that I did not immediatly make upon reading. They are now in the "To be made" list, but in order to keep the treadmill torture from being completely counteracted, I won't let myself spend the weekend making every last one of them. Maybe all but one, but not every last one. So if you make one, tell me how awesome it is, so I have justification to make it myself.
  • Bloomin Sourdough - oh my. I almost had to have a private moment when I saw this. My resolve is slowly crumbling - but that's ok, I have family coming in town soon, and I plan on wowing them with this.
  • Smoked Scallops with Zucchini Ribbons - This is almost enough to bring tears. Scallops? Smoked? With zucchini ribbons? It's a good thing there are some scallops in my future.
  • SAUT√ČED OKRA & GARLIC - I have never cooked with okra. And outside of the slimy mass inside the fried things that are all over the deep south and the occassional bowl of faux-gumbo that can be found in the same places, I've bever had it. So I have to try this. For educational purposes.
  • Pan Seared Filet Mignon with Wine-Shallot Sauce - I'm afraid this will be on the dream list for a bit. My budget has no room for filet mignon. But looking at that picture of a perfectly cooked steak...resistance may be futile.

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Alanna said...

Hi Deborah ~ All in the name of experimentation, 'of course'.

You'll be giving yourself an A+!