Sunday, March 30, 2008

Williams Sonoma: The stuff that dreams are made of

I've been in a Williams Sonoma store once. In my former life, a boss gave me a gift card for Secretary's Adminstrative Professionals Day. It wasn's a huge store, but I wondered around for over an hour, trying to decide how to spend my money. My gift card ($25? $30?) wasn't going to take me far, but I was determined to let it take me somewhere.

This is where it took me:

It's a small food processor, and it's perferct. I've been using it for 5(?) years now and I love it. Since I rarely cook for more than 4 people, I rarely need anything bigger.

But I still dream of Williams Sonoma.

Now, The Clean Plate Club is having a giveaway: a $50 gift certificate to Williams Sonoma. Since I need something else to dream about and scheme about, I'm entering this post in the contest. Who know? Maybe I'll be able to buy something even cooler - like this, these, or a whole collection of these.

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