Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Shiny and New

I got a new toy yesterday!:

Look! Do you see the ice maker? An Ice Maker! I have finally entered the 21st century, my friends.

We put the old one in the garage. I am drooling over the fact that between the two, I have more than twice as much freezer room now. The stocks I will save! The meat I will buy on sale and freeze! The meals I can make ahead of time!

And oh, my goodness - the amount of ice I will now have for my beloved mango rum!


Sara said...

We have a fridge like that too, and the ice maker freaks me out. One, because it makes noise when it dumps the ice and always makes me jump, and Two, because you never run out of ice. That freaks me out because I'm used to never having ice because Scott uses it up and leaves the empty trays in the freezer.

Deborah said...

The look on The Professor's face the first time he heard the ice drop was pricess. He was convinced the cat's were destroying something. The ice maker was a necessity to save my stepson's life - he never refills the trays, and I was afraid I might become violent one day. :)