Saturday, November 10, 2007

Gearing up for a weekend of girls

My girls are coming to visit next weekend! I've known them since the 7th grade, and they're coming down for a couple of days because 2 of us are turning 30. There's going to be a lot of food as we try to forget about it.

  • I had a serious thing against cream of mushroom soup when I was growing up; the canned stuff never looked all that great unless they were mixed up in a tuna casserole. Eating it as a soup seemed incomprehensible. There have been a few homemade versions floating around out there, lately. This Creamy Mushroom Soup with Sauteed Chantrelles looks like it's about time to break down my mental walls.
  • Something very much like these Garlic Roasted Green Beans are probably going to make it - in some form - to my (very small) Thanksgiving table this year. We served Haricot Verts at the restaurant in a garlicy oniony olive oil, and I loved them.
  • Sometimes I think I could live off of dips and appetizers. Dips like Hot Swiss Chard Artichoke seem like a little bowl of heaven. Maybe I'll have to test that theory out one day.
  • This is just plain scary. Frightening. Slashfood linked to an article on the 88 most unhealthy fast food items. It looks like it's completely based on trans fats. I was happy to see that at least my beloved Taco Bell's soft tacos (please don't think less of me) won't kill me as fast as all those french fries and onion rings would have.

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