Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Heavn In Red

In the past week, I've gotten two tomatoes off my plants. It's obviously just the beginning of the season, but I decided to enjoy the first fruit of my labor very simply.

I sliced the tomato, sprinkled some kosher salt over it and then ground some peppercorns over it. The Bestest Friend enjoyed hers with a wee bit of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Heaven In Red


Mike said...

Oh,! That looks good! I tried growing tomatoes last year...let's leave it at that. Cucumbers, too...that's even worse. You're doing great! Don't forget my/Fannie's salasa recipe....

who is themanfromearth? said...

I really like 'mators like that. Sometimes I'll get a little wild and chop up some fresh basil on top, too.
I'm going to send my dad a link to your blog. I know he'll love it.